Wednesday, January 8, 2014

French Boutik “Ici Paris”

(Copase Disques) Mid-tempo French pop influenced soul-rock, somewhat restrained, but not Northern Soul-dull either. Cool keyboard and guitar arrangements, and fine singing, but while many hommes will no doubt be enchanted by singer Gabriela, you should all take a gander at drummer Zelda…ooh la la…the French invented the Scopitone for a reason! Obviously this is an image conscious band, but that never detracts from the music, as all the cravats and mod gear in the world (of 1966) couldn’t craft mighty melodies that both pick up steam and get steamy. This might not sound enough like bad Supremes/Four Tops knockoffs to win all the Mods over, but I’m a lot easier. And like the Coneheads, we’re not really sure if they are actually from France, but I’ll take Serge Hoffman’s, and Beldar’s, words for it.

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