Monday, January 13, 2014

Nobunny “Secret Songs”

(Goner) The masked rodent puts his jagged buckteeth to work by chomping down on a gravel-encrusted wad of discarded Bazooka he found on the side of the road – that’s right – it’s Gritty Bubblegum time! From the brilliant Chic-A-Go-Go fave “Do the Stooge” to “True Vulture,” which sounds like it’s performed by a homeless Partridge Family, to the sinisterly sweet new birthday standard “The Birthday Girl,” to an urgent cover of “Pretty Girls” (made famous by Kids of Widney High), to the straight up hardcore song “Buried in a Bong,” this is top to bottom the best song collection the Lone Ranger of Lechery has ever released. This makes me feel like I am Somebunny, I am!

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