Friday, January 31, 2014

Missing Persons featuring Dale Bozzio "Missing in Action"

(Cleopatra) So the best news about this album, the first Missing Persons album of original music since the 80s, is that it really sounds like Missing Persons. Bozzio's voice has the exact same youthful, fresh mischievous, sexy lilt as it ever did, and producer/composer Bily Sherwood is wisely much more interested in tapping into the magic of vintage bubbly 80s New Wave pop than in breaking new ground. "Do or Die," "Hello Hello," and  "Crisis in Overdrive" are perfect revivals of that past future sound that's simultaneously beautifully dated and beautifully timeless. The bad news for Missing Persons super fans (or Zappa sidemen completists, or Duran Duran replacement members collectors, or ambitious drummer followers, or people who believe in love) is that Terry Bozzio and Warren Cuccurullo are not involved in this record. Considering his prig background Sherwood seems incredibly good at simple, pure pop, and like the most successful Cleopatra releases, this presents strong new material that 100% conforms to exactly what old fans of the act would want -- there's even a not-particularly acoustic "Walking in L.A. (Acoustic Version)" bonus track. I have no doubt lady Bozzio will perform this in the hair and makeup since borrowed by No Doubt and Lady Gaga.

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