Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Lemons “Hello, We’re the Lemons”

(TrippTapes) Lemon is not the most popular flavor of bubblegum (in fact the only lemonade-flavored bubblegum I can recall featured a cartoon of LeBron James on the wrapper, meaning it became a virtually villainous flavor once he signed with Miami). The Lemons, in contrast, are destined to be the most popular classic bubblegum band of the 21st Century. With tasty tunes about seaweed, Kool-Aid, Ice Cream and Chubby Checker sounding better than all the filler and a few of the singles on most of the Archies albums these local limón-lovers have crafted the first tape of the nuevo-cassette era that I actually wore out from playing so much. The “Chubby Checker” track in particular is such a perfect Kasenetz-Katz revival that it made want to run off and join the Super Circus. In Lemons we (ci)Trus(t)!

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