Monday, July 26, 2021

STYX "Crash of the Crown"

(Universal, 2021) I have been a loud, proud proponent advocating for the greatness of contemporary STYX, as the veteran members seem to be a full power and the replacement members are fabulous (or scab-ulous, depending on your Dennis loyalty). And theor last space-themed album was really strong, and even the recent EP of live classics and odds and ends hinted at top quality. So I am sorry to say that new album is, to my ears, a bore and a chore. To be fair, it is executed well and sounds exactly how they want it to sound and there are going to be many fans of kind of dry, technically proficient semi-prog that will be thrilled with this, but to me it had no life and wasdifficult to get through. I would still go see this powerful band in a heartbeat, but in the year of new White Sox glory, this is one South Side institution that did not bring it.

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