Saturday, October 2, 2021

Jimi Hendrix "Hendrix In The West"

(Reprise, 1972) In the Kicks issue of Ugly Things some genius troll superhero wrote an incredibly passionate defense of the cobbled together post-death Hendrix studio Frankenstein-parts albums, while going as far as to denigrate all the actual musicians in his living bands as hacks who needed to be replaced with studio musicians. That was clearly a powerful article because listening to this more"legit" cash in cash grab live collection I can't stop questioning the band's skills, and while a lot of this is amazing, especially "Voodoo Chile," featuring the reviled (by at least one person, and maybe only one person) Noel on bass, some (like the Sgt. Pepper fragment) seem kinda sub-par as far as making it onto an album like this. But hey, keep them coming! If they had holograms back then this LP woulda toured!

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