Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gino and the Goons “Oh Yeah!” b/w “Stand Tall," “Troubled” b/w “I’m A Big Boy”

(Pelican Pow Wow/Total Punk) If you put these 45s on a normal person’s jukebox they would break either the machine or the dude’s brain. That’s because everything about these double a-sides, from the “whoa whoa” chants to the anthemic drive to the heavy hooks says “pure hits” but the recording, execution, and nastiness says “pure hits of lethal street drug in a rusty needle bearing syringe.” The triumphant “I’m A Big Boy” is almost poignant, while simultaneously celebrating the kind of slurred indecipherable-ness that makes you uncomfortable because you don’t know if alcohol or cerebral palsy (or both) are its source.

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