Monday, December 16, 2013

The Nubs “Job” b/w “”Little Billy’s Burning”

(Last Laugh) Some of the punkest moments in the history of punk occur when someone not officially punk tried to do what they thought “punk” was, and ended up with something more twisted than Black Flag could ever muster. I don’t know the story of the Nubs so I can only guess (perhaps the only thing that makes these Last Laugh reissues imperfect is the lack of archival notes, but that they instead present the records with original artwork everywhere is a decent tradeoff), and I quite frankly am happy imagining this 1980 release is by some kinda mooky rock dudes excited about the simplicity and antisocial prospects of punk, but having only heard a little of it (maybe just on the news or a report on Tomorrow) so they make what sounds like Wild Man Fisher covering the Germs with new lyrics by a really mean 12 year old. “Jobs” is a KBD classic but the b-side (or a-side according to the cover, though not the label) is a killer rocker about a kid burning down the house, with himself in it, his retarded grandma having not been particularly responsible. Needless to say, it’s awesome.

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