Monday, December 16, 2013

Clearance "dixie motel two-step"

(Microluxe) In the pre-"Alternative"-era when it was still College Rock, and in the pre "Insurgent"-era when you could have some twang and just be maybe Byrds fan and not an Americana visionary, I did not dig ANY of those bands. I spent my teenage late 80s/early 90s walking out on Tweedy, Malkmus, Mascis, and anyone who turned Athens inside out, satisfied to have seen the punkier opening acts. Maybe I'm older and wiser, or maybe I'm tireder and exhausteder, or maybe tinnitus took a toll, but listening to this seemingly boilerplate version of said sounds I really, truly am enjoying it. There's something sincere, soulful, and legit about these tunes. Hey, maybe Clearance is just better than those bands!

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