Saturday, December 7, 2013

Truman Bentley Jr. Newsletter

(3219 Camden Dr Columbus GA 31907-2143) You could say someone putting out densely packed, margin-free, single-spaced megalomaniacal rant screeds at a Nascar-like pace had said it all after the first million or so words, but there's some surprises here, as I received two recent emissions with twists. One was not typed but in a treat to amateur serigraphers handwritten! (though it contained acidic insults to handwritten zines [as well as religion, Midas mufflers, and anyone not smart enough to offer Satan their orgasm]). The other atypical "newsletter" was a DVD of someone (Truman? A Truman impersonator?) just kind of going around the home for two hours and showing everything in it (and everyone, including a higher class of lady one expects the prototypical lonely, crazed manifesto maker to find attainable). The devil has been kind to Truman!

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