Friday, December 6, 2013

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks “Holodeck Survivor” (Total Punk), Buck Biloxi and the Fucks/Giorgio Murderer split single (Holotrash)

Continuing their triumphant dismantling of Lousiana (and Parts Unknown) with lo-fi musical looting BB & the F-words violently seduce on their Total Punk single with ostensibly Star Trek and stabbing-themed lullabyes (I can only make out about 8 words a song, and there’s at least 13 words in each, so can’t say for sure what they’re about). The mayhem continues on the spit single, and much like BB’s split cassette from a while back, I suspect the orgasm-inducingly named Giorgio Murderer is a Buck B pseudonym, and the fact that he’s doing more Star Trek-themed music furthers suspicions. But you know who else did Star Trek music? The Mummies and the Rip Off/Planet Pimp bands back in the trash rock glory days, and this masked, lo res b&w cover mess-terpiece is a tribute/time travel back to those dirty days. The Buck side features the best track here, the catchy (as in bacterial) “Shithole Boys,” but everything on this vinyl toilet seat is infectious!

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