Monday, December 23, 2019

Ella Jenkins "You Sing A Song"

(1966, Folkways) As the (older) kids say these days, this slaps! This might be my favorite childrens record of all time, just because the title song is so groovy, and Ms. Jenkins sincerity is magical. I saw her when I was kid, and this century I've seen her perform for kids a few times, though her focus is not what it once was. That said, this is music for cognition at every level, for like the Pete Seger Folkways record for babies, there's some kind of scientific study on young brains that has resulted in some tracks featuring almost drone-ish extremem repetition that is joy trance inducing, while eschewing pop songwriting rules. But then the title track is such  a smash hit that Casey Kasem shoulda spun it. 

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