Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pookie & the Poodlez "The Last This I Did As A Teenager"

(Rubber Vomit, 2012/2014) Poodles are some of the meanest dogs in the world. It actually takes some work to make a pit bull act like an asshole, but you have to be a Jedi dog whisperer to make a poodle not be aggressive and nasty. So it is iroonic that this shit is NICE! There's a few tapes of this band from the pre-Trump teens and all of them are packed full of glue-sniff, no budget, broken glass-flecked bubblegum. But this is the best one because the hi-end colored vinyl edition somehow sounds shittier than the ultra-budget cassette tape. So if their tape sounds better than their vinyl then this are the 21st Century Bad Brains!

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