Monday, December 9, 2019

Monkey Power Trio "Left Behind"

(2015, Obviously if the gimmick were that this band actually had monkeys covering Cream (or monkeys covered in cream [or Monkees covered in Creem]) that would be an A+ gimmick, but the actual gimmick (band members gather from across the country once a year for one day and create songs from scratch, then release those songs on vinyl) is a solid Asian F. This record features songs from 2011-2013, so their 13th-15th days (years) as a band. For only playing together two weeks they got pretty good, and at times create actually groovy grooves. They also get a little strange, spooky, and jarringly disturbing, which in retrospect means they clearly were making prophetic monkey predictions of the Trump era. I think they have released records since this but I am still processing the simian symbolism on these ten transmissions. You see, my gimmick is I only listen to their records four years after they are released, and only once, and I write my review after drinking six shots of Four Roses. And no spellchjeck.

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