Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Tunes "Love Uncool"

(1982/2013, Cheap Rewards) Bouncy, chirpy Midwestern power pop that is SO prototypical it is almost hard to believe this is real and not a fictional band created by 21st Century Power Pop Re-enactors. There are some tempos that seem too fast for 1982, which makes me believe this is probably real, as fakers wouldn't have made that mistake, but this is SO perfect I'm still skeptical. Contains all the songs from the sole release by these Not-In-Kansas-Anymore (even though they are in Topeka) pop dreamers, plus six unreleased tracks, and they are all about girls, love, loving girls, and body temperature. And elevators and escalator metaphors. And like those machines, this takes me where I wanna go: To Deepfake Pop Heaven!


  1. Oh its real alright. All songs were written and recorded from 1979-1982.I am not sure why we played so fast.I guess we thought it was cool.Remember the Pogo dance.Now that you point it out all the songs are about girls.Oh to be 20 something again.This record has had way more attention than the original EP. I am surprised by it all.Anyone else have a comment or question? Thanks for the review. Mike Donoho

  2. Hello Mike, just wanted to say that I am ridiculously obsessed with this album. Fits Like A Glove and When I Think About You are total hits!! Some of my favorite songs ever. This entire LP plus the original EP you guys put out are so good. Do you by any chance remember any details regarding how some of these songs were recorded? Apart from the songwriting, these recordings are amazing as well. Also, if you have any pictures of The Tunes back in the day I’d love to see em. Thanks :)

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