Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sha Na Na "Hot Sox"

(Kama Sutra, 1974) Despite being on a bubblegum label and having slick production, Sha Na Na never could figure out the great glam approach to 50s material that the 70s Brit nostalgia groups hit upon, and this is mostly just OK 50s covers that are neither authentically old sounding or excitingly new sounding. But the original title cut, with Bowser clowning/talk-singing about the new fad of wearing colorful socks instead of shoes (Donny Osmond also did a lot of colorful socks bits...the 70s!) is Novelty Bronze (not gold, but if you squint, maybe)! And you know what some hot Sox are? The 2021 White Sox, first place BABY!

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