Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lorna Donley & The Veil "Time Stands Still"


(Dim Dim Dak, 2021) Donley is best known, in a generous sense of that phrase, for the amazing Chicago 80s art rock/darkwave act DA! The heroes who found these recordings of Donley's later rock act are hyping this as the greatest lost band of all time, which is a stretch. As a local who sees bands what this sounds like is a local band that is better than most of the pack and should rise, if meritocracy was actually a thing, but not so magical that success is inevitable, or even likely. Donley was charismatic,  her voice was strong and distinct, and working with David Thomas (also of DA!) she was able to create hooky, memorable songs. On spookier tinged (in goth vibe, not lyrics) tunes like "A.C. Radio" one can hear what this could have been if they became a thing that was a thing. But most of the tracks here have surprisingly unsurprising mainstream rock ambitions, a balance between "College Rock," the precursor of "Alternative" that took the edges off the underground aspects of indie music, and regular bar rock. Not bar rock as in Thirsty Whale cover bands, but as in surprisingly good Wednesday band at Avalon. The songs on here are catchy, intriguing, and if this was your friend's band you would be rooting for their success, and it would not be unfathomable. Bottom Line: You likely will listen to this a hundred times,  so it will be a great value to grab a copy.

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