Sunday, September 5, 2021

Rocky "Wadda Ya Wanna Be...When You Grow Up?"

(Roulette, 1983) I have either lost my ability to find what I want in the corners of Internet or in zines of yore, or no one has figured out what the hell this is yet. And I ain't the one to do it: the very very odd "grow up" collage on the cover seems to imply he is from New York (he dreams of growing up to be on [a Sunday softball team called] The Yankees; he appears to have Italian heritage (that face in the baby pic! Plus his mafia job fantasy); he was kinda hooked up (Frampton does a solo); and he had serious pop promise ( there are tunes that sound exactly like XTC and a story song that falls halfway between Billy Joel and Gas Station Dogs). Figuring out the who, hows, whys and where are they nows of this must be a WFMU DJ or a Norton intern's persons task, I do not have the tools or proximity. And how can this be on Roulette in 1983, complete with the orange checkerboard label? It is on every streaming service so someone involved still believes in it, but who is that person? WHAT IS THIS? WHAT HAPPENED WHEN HE GREW UP?!? Brag:  I paid $1, a full 56 cents below the average price on Discogs (where there is so little info on this record that they don't know Frampton is on it). 

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