Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Cynics "Spinning Wheel Motel"

(Guest Review by Gentleman John Battles) (Get Hip) In a recording career that's already passed the 25 year mark, The Cynics tread more familiar ground, the meatgrinder fuzztone Psych/Punk of their most highly acclaimed releases, "Rock'n'Roll,"  "Get Our Way" and "Living is The Best Revenge" to the more acoustic Folk Rock-oriented sounds of their last album. The songwriting skills of singer Mike Kastelic and guitarist Greg Kostelich are are sharp as ever. Mike and Greg are The Cynics. In recent years , they've borrowed from other bands , such as San Antonio's Uglybeats and even Chicago's own Last Vegas to supplement the rhythm section, but now they're a most solid unit, with bassist Angel Kaplan and drummer Pablo Gonzalez. This is easily the strongest lineup since "Get Our Way " 15-plus years ago. Forgive me, Mike Stax, but , the production remains as RAW as ever, possibly moreso.  It goes in different directions that'll satisfy longtime fans , as well as bring in new ones , I'm certain.

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