Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jack Oblivian "Rat City"

(Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum) In the 90s there was a gloriously race to the bottom as bands all over the world tried to be the lowest, trashiest, most barebones garage rock resuscitators. The Estrus bands couldn't keep the metal licks out, the Mummies were too wrapped up in their gimmick, and the East COast 80s revivalists couldn't fix the mistakes they made the decade before. That left Memphis' Oblivians who stood alone at the glorious nadir. When I think of the most infectious/shittiest sounding song of the decade I can do hear nuthin' in my dome  but "Jim Cole got so much soul...I can't stand it!" The glory of Jack Oblivian's new release is that he proves once and for all he's still not got it! These offerings combine profoundly catchy raw blues trash 70s punk new wave hooks without ever seeming clever, slick, pro or complex! Thank the rock gods he's still Oblivi-ous!

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