Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Next Book, Jason $#!t#e@d All Up In...Roctober, Dudley

( Roctober #50 marks the official launch of our 20th anniversary celebration, which hopefully will include a festival, another book, an LP, and more. The release of the Roctober book Flying Saucers Rock n Roll in early Fall marked the semi-official launch of the anniversary. But the official unofficial launch of the anniversary was a few months earlier when Jason Mitchell/Midas/Shithead/$#!t#e@d/whatevayawannacalhim had his retrospective art show in New York which featured the launch of three amazing limited edition books of his archival comix. Next featured stream of consciousness, semi-druggy/psychedelic sketchbook comix that were pretty impressive, the collection of comix featuring his drunk duck Dudley was awesome, but best of all was a hefty book reprinting all the comix, illustrations, concepts, weirdness, and brilliance he's done in Roctober over the decades. 45 pieces from over 30 issues demonstrate his ridiculously one-of-a-kind style that combines hip hop graffitti linework, 60s underground comix vibeology, paying-attention-in-art-school technical skills, deceptively astute writing ability, and omnivorous pop culture consumption that poops out perfection. This is one of the best Roctobers we never published!

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