Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OBNOX "I'm Bleeding Now"

(Smog Veil) Noise punk made sinisterly soulful by resonant Danzig-esque vocals and blaxploitation-era toast samples. Lamont Thomas has made a musical mess in such groups as Puffy Areolas (insane set at the Hozac Blackout this year!), Bassholes, and This Moment in Black History, but solo he gets even stranger than those oddball noisemakers. This record is like an electrical audio storm that makes your neurons misfire as you do the herk jerk dance. Note: I did play this at 33rpm for a week before I figured out it was a 45rpm 12", and it was awesomely more evil when it was slow, but thrillingly more stimulating when it's fast, so this is really two LPs for the price of one.

1 comment:

  1. Hell yeah, I've been playing it at both speeds almost equally, maybe with a little more at 45rpm. When are we going to see Obnox in Los Angeles?!?