Friday, January 18, 2013

The Polkaholics "Blue Haired Lady" b/w "Spaced"

( After a decade and half of asking the question, "How exactly would Johnny Thunders approach Chicago-style polka music?," and a parallel decade and a half of being greeted with the definitive answer of "Huh?," Dandy Don is still standing tall, this time with 2 slabs of silliness perfect for Pole dancing (meaning, great for dancing with a Pole, or a Slovak, or a Ukrainain, for that matter). Whether they are lusting after a geriatric dream girl or bringing oompah guitar-bass-and drums to the stratosphere, these Old Style chuggers truly are continuing the tradition of ridiculous vinyl set forth on all those Jay Jay Records polka novelty albums that litter Chicago thrift stores. Polk on!

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