Thursday, January 31, 2013

Background Noise Crew "Everybody Does This Volume 2," Common Labor “Tales of the Troubadors”

( When I was a lad the indie, low key, thoughtful hip hop the members of the humbly named Background Music Crew trade in was called “backpack.” They would often actually have on backpacks at the clubs! If you see any Backgrounds with backpacks on, ask them if they are filled with any product, you might be pleased with wachu get. Samplers/comps are often the best way to get introduced to  a crew, because you get some real nice variety, and Phingaz' production makes sure stuff is truly eclectic. Analyrical raps over banjo loops! Status Reign's "I'm An Alien" is a bouncy ball of awesome with a Fat Albert meets Quincy Jones vibe. Zombiexzombie delivers message music inside a cloud of mellow so chill that the tales of urban challenges are far more potent than if told over harsh beats. One of the acts, Common Labor, also have their own album.
This live instrumentation combo (though not featuring a bombastic band…live instruments sounding like regular hip hop tracks) keep it underground and if you’re under the ground, I dig it (get it, dig…under…ground). 

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