Sunday, February 3, 2013


( Just got the latest Girls! Rock Chicago CD (I know some kids in the camp) and once again I marvel not so much at the value of the program and all that jazz but at how good the actual music is. Just like master painters stare jealously at the freeness and magic of a child's drawing, hearing adolescents with one week of training on an instrument compose and perform an original rock song is so frequently incredible and eye opening and better than most avant garde musicians while being totally akin to half the stuff on an ambitious college radio show that I'm speechless. Even the bands made of 18 year old who have been  in the camp for years and can play and can sing still have an honesty and unfiltered voice that you never hear with seasoned, jaded, survival-minded musicians. Go to their CD Baby site and listen to some of these tunes! And get your toddler a guitar and a 4 track.

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