Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Kingsbury Manx "Bronze Age"

(Odessa) When I first heard about this band I was pissed, thinking they had stolen the idea for my reality show where Tyra Banks becomes a reverse Mormon and takes the entire lineup of the Sacramento Kings as her multi-husbands. I called it The Kings Marry Banks. But once I heard this lush, charming, Anglo-respectful, soothingly psychedelic, hypno-pop I not only let go of any negative feelings towards these Kings of the Chapel Hill, but I actually started to understand the human soul so profoundly (listen to "Handsprings" and you shall, too) that I couldn't bear to make DeMarcus Cousins. Jimmer Fredette, Travis Outlaw, and their crew enter into something as crass as a sham marriage with  a Top Model. Manx you very much, KM!

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