Thursday, February 28, 2013

Village Pistols "Big Money" b/w "Strawberry Fields Forever"

(Last Laugh) Having never seen a bootleg or original of this actual record (though I've seen the front cover, as it was used as the LP cover for Killed By Death Vol. 7, where many first heard this), I had no idea Mitch Easter recorded this pummeling, violent, proto-hardcore caveman punker from 1981. I still don't believe it, he must have had an inbred cousin working at the studio that day (Ruprecht Easter?). Certainly one of the best 90 seconds or so in punk history. I'm not surprised Last Laugh put this out, as the vocals sound alot like the Mentally Ill 90s LP they recently reissued. The flip is a goofy molestation (can one goofilly molest?) of the Beatles, which is pretty psycho, I imagine this is what all Beatles records sounded like to Mark David Chapman.

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