Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do You Wanna Play Some Magic? Emerson Lake and Palmer In Concert 1970-1979 by Garry Freeman

(soundcheckbooks.co.uk) Author Freeman, a world class collector of bootleg concert audio, was at quite an advantage as he compiled this minutely detailed guide to every concert ELP played in the seventies -- he's actually heard almost all of these shows. And though one need not be at that level of fandom to appreciate this book, it is not for the uninitiated, it pretty much just jumps in without explaining who these prog-nosticators are, and why we should care. But if you're a fan you are in for a treat: set lists, gear lists, PA tech specs, annotations (first ever concert with synch video, a show played in darkness except for little red amp lights, etc...). There are also color photos of the band's brilliant "Tarkus" prop, a tiger hanging with the band, and rare flyers. What do you get when you mix prog rock and obsession? Garry Freeman -- earth's #1 prog-sessive!

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