Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pork #7, #8, #9

(www.internetpork.com) The only thing that I can even remotely say that's not super amazing awesome incredible praise-gushing about this trash lifestyle art culture rag (other than Sean being a little too proud of not being uptight about punk "nazi stuff is cool" fashion) is that they are hitting so many home runs with interviews, features and spotlights that they're gonna run out of everybody awesome by lucky issue 13! #7 has Basil Wolverton's son Monte giving the skinny on the father of weirdo art, Jeff Gaither telling boss Ed Roth stories, Arturo Vega revealing egg cream ignorance, and Iron Maiden cover artist Derek Riggs being steady heady and he gets us ready for Eddie. #8 was a little light on legendary artists, but they made up for it with a White Mystery interview, and tons of comix. #9 has a fantastic feature on Gary Panter, asking him great, weird questions, and reprinting a 1980 manifesto. #10 shamelessly scrapes the bottom with Mike Diana and Shane Bugbee!  #11 has Dr. Demento!!! Breathtaking! As is asphyxiating on vomit! And 

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