Monday, February 11, 2013

Nix Comics Quarterly #5

( More blues-punk-R&B/horror-goth-comedy comix, most scripted by Kenn Epstein, and illustrated by some underground all-stars. Horror comics have always been one of the medium's most reliable genres. with the best EC comics standing as arguments for comics as literature, and the worst Charlton knock-offs feeling like goofy b-movies. On the other fist, Rock n Roll comics have pretty much always sucked, with Todd Loren's worthless biography series serving as a pathetically low high point. That Nix's needle almost always jitters on the EC-side of this gauge is an awesome testament, especially when the musical vibe reverberates so loudly through the pages. Also of note: Nix's monster hunting priest who looks like Question Mark (of the Mysterians) now makes more sense to me, since "Q" is not particularly priestlike or philosophical or even physical in a monster-fighting way, but after seeing the Rodriguez documentary (in which a guy I always dismissed as stealing his look from Q and his vibe from Dylan is proven to be a genius, monk-like, super strong musical hero) I have a new point of reference. Also, the best Merinuk comic Nix has ever published dwells in these pages. As well a dick pics.

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