Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spy Device "Miniaturized"

( Spy Device's catchy kookiness seems to be a friendly tug of war between driving, early, poppy British punk, a la Buzzcocks/SLF, and the kind of nerdy, regional New Wave from the early 80s that every city had, even though none of the bands broke through. I'd say the latter wins the contest, but it seems like every one of those bands had an actual song about inflatable sex dolls, or some such jokey taboo subject, and I think the inflatable doll song here is a metaphor for females with shallow, "plastic" personalities, not about an actual rubber fuck toy. Then again, they have a rat song, that I'd say is obviously a metaphor for "the rat race," but my rat friend Ratso insists it's really about athletic rodents, so what do I know.

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