Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Abstract Artimus "Trash Rock Regalia (2006-2010)"


(2020, I suppose I should never be surprised by obscurity, Rock'n'Roll has never been a meritocracy (if it was the monks would've been bigger than U2). But I really expected Brooklyn-via-'Bama rocker Abstract Artimus to catch on: his intoxicating, minimalist, nearly-New Wave take on Southern Rock riffage and swagger is just so much fun. On this sampler of demos and early releases my delusional prognostications prove justified, especially on the opener, "Break My Bread," which combines $5 drum machine beats with fuzzy guitar hooks and horny vocals resulting in Oreo-level addictive sonic cookies. There's some noisy punk stuff here I don't recall hearing before, and even one song that breaks the three-minute mark (most, sublimely, barely make it to two), but overall this does nothing to change my past assessment. Shame on you tastemakers for not tasting this sweet, sweet stuff.

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