Sunday, November 1, 2020

Corn Nuts Chile Picante Con Limon


(Kraft Foods) In honor of Halloween season, this is the genuinely scariest snack food I have ever eaten. Buying a pack of a savory, salty treat last week that with promises of flavors of corn, chili peppers that are specifically labeled as picante, and, on top of all that, lemon, I expected a flavor explosion! I even bore concerns about being overwhelmed by the ambitions of Kraft's flavor engineers, or of frustrations of vague flavorings being overwhelmed by the heavy hand of the Salt gods. So when my tastebuds detected the near nothingness of this bland offering I genuinely worried that I had contracted COVID and had lost my sense of taste. Fortunately I had other flavors nearby and a quick tasty test revealed the fault was not in my sensors but in the timidness of the generally reliable Corn Nuts division. If mild flavorings are going to be a thing moving forward I can adjust expectations and learn to appreciate subtlety, but that is a revolution of gas station snacks for which I will need ample warning. Until then, I will be visiting the next rack...hello Combos!

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