Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Alpha Cat "Pearl Harbor 2020"

 (Aquamarine, 2020) When I used to work exclusively as a dishwasher (it was the easiest job to get, you never had to interact with customers, and you could pick your own music) some old timers used to refer to that vocation as "pearl diving," and dishwashers as "pearl divers." I guess it was because you ostensibly had your hands deep in a sink full of water, but that's not exactly diving, and there weren't ever actual full sinks (instead we used upright Hobart dishwashing machines, though I once worked at a cafeteria with a horizontal, SUV-sized conveyer belt Hobart). None of that has anything to do with this album of moody, dark-ish pop with evocative vocals, but i just can't think of anything interesting or insightful to say about this (apparantly a deluxe reissue of an earlier album) so I was just reaching for a prompt.

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