Saturday, January 30, 2021

SnickersPeanut Brownie Squares


(, 2021) To be fair, it would be hard to live up to this promise. Snickers is an icon of solid candy goodness, and introducing the idea of turning it into some kind of fudge, and brownie-fying's too good to be true! Thus, I will say this tastes pretty good and not hold it to my fantasy standards. BUT I am not feeling the "squares" concept. Slightly wider than a "fun size" (though possibly not as tall) this presents (in lieu of a bar) two strangely unsatisfying four sided nuggets. With the odd size mixed with the unfamiliar chocolatey flavor this starts to feel like something is up here, like a Weight Watchers product that trims off ounces and sweeteners to fit the calorie count, or some kind of laxative health aid being presented as normal candy. There was something called AYDS in the 70s and early 80s, a chocolate appetite reducing candy that the spokesperson defended as foolishly as any spokesperson in public relations history by saying something like, "Let the disease change its name." I don't think I ever ate AYDS, but these weird squares somehow reminds me of it. So to summarize, this is pretty good, but makes me think of AYDS.

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