Tuesday, January 26, 2021

White Rabbit candy


(上海冠生园食品有限公司,1943-present) This candy is apparently a revered Chinese classic, but I am utterly confounded. If you told me it was made of congealed rabbit skin glue I would not believe you, because that would have more flavor. Perhaps they start off chewy and tasty in China but by the time these got to my neighborhood store they started out harder and more flavorless than I could believe. I had to Papa John this, which means having a second one because you couldn't accept that the first one was actually as bad as it was. No this eventually, after more mouth work than it merited, became softer and revealed a mild vanilla flavor and a weird milkiness (it is a variation of an English confection called "milk candy" which I now am noting to avoid), so it is certainly not as bad as Papa John's, and unlike that pizza abomination, a third try is not an impossibility. An unfortunate googling reveals some notorious formaldehyde and melamine contaminations earlier this Millennium, but to be honest, this could use the flavor boost, so I get  it.

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