Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Signature Select Frosted Flakes


( My son really likes mascots, so I thought he would be excited by this bear on the house brand frosted flakes, but he just dismissed the cereal as "Frosted Fakes," so I said a polar bear was a better mascot than a tiger for this kind of cereal because of the frost, then he said Tony was the mascot because his cereal was, "GRRReat," then I said tigers didn't "grrrrr," they roared, then he gave me a look as if to say, "that's lions," but he didn't say it out loud because we both realized that whatever a tiger's go to iconic noise might  be, "Grrrr" is not it, and we sort of just left it at that. Anyhow, these are a little worse than Kellogg's, but all of them are worse than just putting a heaping tablespoon of sugar on your corn flakes, so who's really the frosted fake?

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