Monday, April 5, 2021



(NBC/ABC, 1968-2003) There is nothing better to stream ever than Columbo episodes. Every movie/episode is free on Peacock, and all the pre-80s episodes are free on IMDB, which you can watch on Amazon. 80s episodes are a little harder to get enthusiastic about, but seeing old Shatner annoyed by Columbo is incredibly satisfying 70s Columbo eps are as good as it gets. His shitty car; his non-imaginary but invisible wife; his dog; his cigar; his ability to speak Italian and learn anything he needs to solve his case (sommelier-level wine appreciation, projectionist and switcher skillsets [on the same case], foreign law enforcement policy and politics) while still appearing to be messy buffoon; those clothes! And Jack Cassidy - Columbo villain G.O.A.T.! I'm gonna go watch one now.

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