Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Yerminator


(Freddies, 2021) Freddies, the Bridgeport Italian ice/pizza slice/Italian beef/insanely large freshly made pizza puff joint on 31st is now offering a burger to celebrate rookie White Sox Yermin Mercedes' amazing batting skills this season. It is $4.95 (to honor the length of the third longest homer in New Comiskey ever socked by a White Sock, which he did on our Opening Day) and delicious. While it is not particularly safe to assume that anyone in Bridgeport knows anything about traditional Dominican cuisine I am willing to believe that they did their homework, and that the meat is seasoned with DR flavors, that pickled onions, cabbage, and tomatoes are the right toppings, and that this chimichurri sauce they made relates in some way to what would be on chimiburger in Santo Domingo (or at least in Washington Heights). Traditional or not, it is excellent and a solid value, and Yermin has seven more hits in three games since they launched this. He is the Cadillac of Mercedeses! As is this burger.

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