Friday, April 23, 2021

Robert Dayton "My ___ is Full"


(, 2021) Over so many odd (and I do mean odd) years, Robert Dayton has made funny music, creepy music, scary music, and genius/lunatic music. A pandemic-inspired EP by a man who does not even know where the kilter is, let alone what it means to be off it, is kind of a scary prospect. Hearing Dayton make weirdo songs about social media and isolation and negotiating real life doomsday stuff proves to be deliciously jarring (the cringe funk of "The Algorithms of the Night" should be experienced by long as all of them thoroughly brace themselves first). But (pen)ultimately he gives us some joyous relief at the end with an old school Slade/Gary Glitter party glam rave up about getting a dog...which (actual)ultimately somehow morphs into an ASMR soft assault on any feelings of comfort and joy you might have been experiencing. This record is better than COVID!

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