Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fetch “Time Being” b/w “Sidewalk Tree,” “Don’t Tell Me” b/w “The Game,” “Take Back Tomorrow” b/w “King of the Wrecking Ball”

(Pravda) Fetching power pop from Illinois, the power pop capitol of the world: a state whose state flower is the power poppy, whose state song is “I Want You to Want Me,” and whose state bird is the power popicpedidae (let’s pause til the ornithologists reading stop laughing). There’s a touch of mature Americana mixed in, but just a touch, and the cover art is even poppy! Their three 2012 singles include the "Take Back Tomorrow/King of the Wrecking Ball" 7" which is a big rock record that could win over tough guys in the bar. The b-side might even appeal to Springsteen fans (although the singing is pure Midwest...maybe I shoulda said Mellencamp).  "Don't Tell Me"/"The Game" is the most melancholy of the three singles, but any lows are countered by the decision of one of the dudes to wear a scarf and t-shirt in the band photo on the back cover that made me happy as a happy clam. The best of the three is "Time Being/Sidewalk Tree" which could work  as a how to for future International Pop Overthrow music fest wannabe bands.

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