Tuesday, December 4, 2012

James Arthur/Alicja Trout split

(Spacecase) James Arthur’s “Go West Old Bastards” is an impressive audio journey that seems to be heading more for the west side of the Milky Way than Californi-ay. Atmospheric, introspective, and groovey, it’s a little like Kraftwerk started a garage rock band, and this was a close as they could get. But if all split singles are Battles of the Bands, Powell was facing Muhammad Ali-cja in this one, as AT has long been a super favorite of ours, and the slinky, catchy, groovester she delivers would be the perfect soundtrack to any quality night of mischief making. So with all respect to Mr. A, I declare Ms. T the winner, and now I am headed out to do mischief.

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