Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Margaret Cho & Neil Hamburger “I Drink” b/w “How Little Men Care”

(Million Dollar Performances/Drag City) Wow! A double A-side/double doozy/double All Star disc featuring two comics making a fundamentally non-novelty record, though it’s 110% ridiculous in its successful sincerity. “I Drink” is the Charles Aznavour sad cirrhosis-celebration, and here we hear Cho finally getting something worthwhile (other than the piles of money from Logo channel) for being faux gay…she can can fucking sing cabaret! Even though Neil is doing his Neil voice here, in this theatrical musical setting it makes perfect sense, and his inherent wretchedness is just what the lyric calls for. The other cut is less dynamic but may be better, as the Sonny Curtis B-side “How Little Men Care” features Choburger (their celeb couple name) collectively singing their collective ass off, making a great song beautiful-er. My only beef with ‘burger is that while I understand his beloved RSO record label deserves to be honored with a tribute logo/label, if you are covering a Sonny Curtis record that originally had a record label with red blood dripping from the top and green Mr. Spock blood dripping up from the bottom, you should steal that label! BTW, I just went online to see if I was remembering this label right, and Curtis’ “Straght life”/”How Little Men Care” costs about a dollar on ebay! Wait a few months and you can get both Neil’s and Sonny’s versions for less than the a sack of White Castles!

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