Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Philosophic Collage “S/T” EP

(BDR/Rerun) An ultra-weirdo New/No/Neu/Neh-Wave record from 1981 St. Louis, in which gadfly Tim Tyme decided to celebrate the Cardinals’ centennial by destroying his city during a three-hour, no practice, one-take recording session (I am guessing the part about the Cards…but frustrations with the baseball strike did cause some weird feelings…I’m just saying!). What I love about the liner notes (this release [I assume] recreates the original release’s artwork and label, but also includes an insert with historic notes, archival clippings, and Tyme’s recollections, all designed in vintage cut n paste style) is that the time signature slaying bassist admits this was supposed to be his attempt at pandering to the “safety pin people,” with angular, ostensibly recognizable punk sounds. Then why the chaotic harmonica solo? Why everything? This would make Captain Beefheart scratch his head. Both philosophical and philo-sophomoric this is a slice of ridiculous everyone should hear.

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