Friday, December 7, 2012

Cacophony #3, Cacophony zine #6; Cheap and Raunchy zine #2, #9, Frostbite zine #1; Mike Cacophony “Volcanos, Cacophony, and things of that Nature” CD-R

(Steel Toe) Over the course of several years and several zines, Mike has established an aesthetic that is sincere, chaotic, raw, and so über-zine-esque he puts his competitors to shame, as his partially hand drawn, ball point pen rendered, Xeroxed, cut n pasted, stream of consciousness, jarring works of art stand proudly at the cross street of classic punk zines and stuff scratched into a school desk with a protractor. That much of his subject matter is pop and noise music artists he reveres, personal discovery, and gay sex only makes everything more awesome. Cacophony earns his name with his demo CD, the audio equivalent of a roughshod Xerox zine. Making screeching audio messes sort of work as twisted pop songs, Mike makes right. Footnote of sorts: While trying to find MC’s online presence so I could post a link on the blog version of this review I found hi certainly inactive myspace page, but more importantly, numerous google responses directed me to a re-published version of Mike’s deleted Wikipedia self-entry (deleted because he didn’t “indicate importance or signifigance”). First of all, fuck whomever is making efforts to delete artists and figures because of obscurity, what would motivate you to do that other than assholeness? But also, congrats on getting way more listings online (6 different google listings directing to Deletionpedia) then he woulda got if he stayed up on Wikipedia. If you want to find his stuff try (if they ain’t listed online, call them and ask if they have any of his zines).