Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wet Dirt “Self Sabotage: The early year”

( Robert Dayton has been obsessed with novelty and oddity audio for years, creating some of the strangest anti-pop and twisted musical comedy to ever make it across the border from the Great Weird North to USAmerican ears. But on this (still far from normal) offering he is making straight up great rock 'n' roll with an ominous edge and genuinely groovy grooves. Be it poppy or hard or hard poppy, even at its strangest this is solid rock that is solid as a rock. If anyone has ever heard Jerry Lewis' pop singing LP (which was a huge hit, outselling Dean Martin's records at the time of release) you'll recall that for falsetto emphasis Lewis would use his signature idiot voice, not trying to be funny, just thinking that it was regular high singing. Dayton is far more aware (I think) that his comic voice can be applied to non-comic music without actually changing it. He may even outsell Dean Martin! In Toronto punk rock anarchist collective record/coffee shops.

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