Thursday, December 13, 2012

JJ 180 “Talk Talk” b/w “Classroom”

( Two unreleased songs by an unknown band of musical misfits that prowled Santa Cruz circa 1978 and proudly combined punk attitude, garage rock grooves, surf/metal guitar solos, and psychedelic non-sensical-ism. This single is so good I'd rather you stopped reading right now and just ran out to find it so you could listen as soon as humanly possible, but for you poseurs who are still reading this, the A-side covers the Music Machine classic at double time, and more impressively, sung with a mania that makes Sky Saxon seem sane. The B-side original tune combines petulant punk poetry, ridiculous guitar explosions, the f-word, and I'm pretty sure a new third pronunciation of "nuclear." In summation: JJ = Dy-no-mite!

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