Monday, December 17, 2012

Grip Weeds “Live Vibes” DVD "Speed of Live" CD

( The Grip Weeds were formed off of the Jersey Turnpike exit 9 and quickly arrived at the Psyche pop HIGHway Cloud 9. But rather than visit the 60s on their DVD they have hit the 90s, when bands had “EPKs” which oddly stood for Electronic Press Kits, which were barely electronic, Vas they were VHS tapes with relatively low budget video content hyping the band. This DVD features the group jamming their awesome hits in their home studio, augmented by cheap but cheerful in-camera psyche effects. Then there is the band in talking head mode (as in Ken Burns documentary blather, not David Byrne giant suit) explaining the band history and songs and personel. And you know what –-- I love it! They are so sincere and unpretenscious and hardworking that I’m happy to watch their home movies! Better yet, the bonus videos (cheapo actual music vids) are KILLER! Better than the DVD is their latest CD, which features a lot of the same songs (their greatest "hits") but rather than the DVD's "live" in the studio (which sort of means they are not dead when playing it, but by all other definitions, it's a studio recording) this has the energy of the audience and feels exciting and fun, and shows what their great psyche pop can do to people. It can grip them. And weed out the poseurs.

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