Saturday, June 14, 2014

420 Friendly Comedy Special

(Stand Up! Records) Now that 1-900 numbers are no longer a cash cow I feel I can break a promise to my friend and reveal his brilliant, never realized business idea: a 900 number you call up when you're high to get small, daily doses of the humor that seems way funnier when you're way wasted. Part of what this was predicated on was that such humor would be easier to generate because high comedy patrons are fairly predictable and less critical.  Basically, you don't need to bring your A-game. Which, makes this release somewhat unpromising. However, that unpromise went unfulfilled, as this is more than half great, which is a way higher (get it?) percentage than my friend would have went for. This is partially achieved with a ringer: non-stoner Keith Lowell Jensen just does his top notch non-weed related set to warm up the crowd. Sure, there's poop eating and old lady fucking jokes, but KLJ goes light on the weed. Jasper Redd delivers a not necessarily weed based set, but filled with the kind of laid back, odd logic, strange punchline stuff that is gold to the stoned. He even tackles race, but in ways stoners will dig (his refusal to revisit slave days extends to not even eating cotton candy...cotton candy! It's funny, and delicious! And racist? Huh, what were we talking about?). Dan Gabriel completely caters to the crowd, but not with low grade stuff. His bit about Michael Phelps bogarting the bud with his super lungs kills! The closer is Ngaio Bealum who doesn't just talk about weed. He talks about weed and sex. Weed and history. Weed and TV. Weed and parenting. Weed and weed. So mostly weed, but with enough cleverness and mischief to make it appealing to a non-stoned listener. But balls out hilarious if you're fucked up!

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