Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eddie Pepitone "A Great Stillness"

(Stand Up!) Eddie Pepitone is known as a comic's comic, the comedian that other comedians worship, and hearing this set it's easy to hear why, but also not impossible to understand why this doesn't translate into mainstream success. The rhythm, phrasing, and discordant melody he utilizes to deliver gripes, rants, and ugly epiphanies is something any comic would aspire to. His actual gritty, seasoned, marvelously distinctive voice is something any comic would be jealous of. But while I can certainly appreciate the gruffly sensitive soul revealed as Eddie reads his tweets and rails against billboards and Yelp and jalepeno poppers, it sometimes seems like his material is rarely as hilarious as his incredible delivery promises which could underwhelm some laymen. But if you listen to Eddie the way you listen to a jazz soloist and just dig a master blowing on his instrument (so to speak) it's hard not to appreciate the artistry here.

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